City Of Edinburgh Council Activity Agreements

An activity agreement is an individual set of activities and learning that builds on the needs and interests of young people. It could be a series of activities – music, art, sport, outdoor activities – and can be flexible on the suggestions of young people. The goal is for a young person to be more confident at the end of a program and to feel ready to move on to the next transition to continuing education or employment. If you participate in an activity agreement, you are entitled to a living allowance. Activity agreements are open to unemployed 16-19 year olds and need additional support to help them develop their skills in accessing formal education or employment. An activity agreement between a youth and a counsellor is an agreement whereby the youth will participate in an apprenticeship and activity program to help them prepare for formal learning or employment. The new nolb activity agreements are being implemented throughout the city, with provisions divided into five nodes: two to the north, two to the south and one to the city centre. Activity agreements are for people aged 15.5 to 19, but up to age 26 for people with multiple barriers, as outlined in the NOLB Emerging Emerging Best Practice Guide. Engaged staff work with youth to develop a tailored set of activities to encourage them and help them take the next step towards a positive goal.

Recommendations for business agreements are handled by the City of Edinburgh`s growth and inclusion team. For more information on recommendations and contacts with the team, visit the “Activity Agreements” page (which will be opened in a new window) on the Council`s website. Here you will find useful information on initiatives and developments related to employers, as well as on participation. Updates and up-to-date information on services that help front-line executives and employees in the JUFJ network for employability. RT @DWPScotPartners: You can get help from #AccessToWork if you have a disability, a physical or mental illness that makes it difficult to do so. To be eligible, a young person must be between the age of 151 and 26 and must not take a job, training or training. The service provides regular support to a young person through a NOLB Activity Agreement Coach and works on an individual level that helps them achieve their goals. Participants may also be entitled to a living allowance for educational institutions. Joined for Jobs is actively working with a large number of organisations in Edinburgh to help people work and progress. Use the following tools to help you in your work in employability.

RT @Lucy_ENABLE: A fantastic opportunity for our #Edinburgh team. Helping parents with disabled children maximize their homes… Joined for Jobs supports all employees in the network for employability.