U.s.-Hong Kong Bilateral Agreements

[13] U.S. Department of State, 2020 Hong Kong Policy Act Report, state.gov/2020-hong-kong-policy-act-report/ (last visited on 8.20.90). “As part of the “ongoing implementation measures” adopted on 14 the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday announced the suspension or suspension of three bilateral agreements signed between the HKSAR government and the U.S. government, namely the Agreement on the Provision of Criminals (SFO), the Agreement on the Transfer of Convicted Persons (TSP) and the Agreement on Tax Exemptions from The Revenues of the International Ship Operation,” the statement said. The three agreements concern the transfer of refugees and convicted prisoners. They also apply to mutual exemptions on income from international shipping, the department said. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department said on Wednesday that Washington had suspended or denounced three bilateral agreements with the semi-autonomous city after China introduced a comprehensive national security law. The U.S. foreign policy toward Hong Kong, based on the desire to promote Hong Kong`s prosperity, autonomy and way of life, is outlined in the US-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992.

It foresees that the United States would continue to deter Hong Kong from the People`s Republic of China, even after the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, which marked the end of British rule. The United States has considerable economic and political interests in Hong Kong. The United States supports Hong Kong`s autonomy through the conclusion and implementation of bilateral agreements; Promoting trade and investment Organization of high-level visits; Extending law enforcement cooperation; Strengthening the links between education, teaching and culture; and the support of the large community of American citizens and visitors. Hong Kong on Thursday strongly condemned the U.S. decision to end three bilateral agreements with the city`s government, officials said. [12] U.S. Department of State, 2019 Hong Kong Policy Act Report, state.gov/2019-hong-kong-policy-act-report/ (last visited on 8.20.90). The law that prescribes section 301 reports was extinguished twice before being re-enacted and extended. As a result, there are no Section 301 reports for the period up to March 31, 2001, nor for periods up to March 31, 2007 until 2018.