Agreement Of Being Gay For 30 Days Chapter 42

The images published in the following chapters are not mine or the author of this novel, unless otherwise stated. Zhang Lingyi said miserably: “I was so busy being gay with you that I forgot how I was bombarded with fireworks in my childhood.” The progress of the story seemed cliché: enemies, consent, being gay for 30 days, understanding each other slowly, jealousy is created, MC falls in love, MC has planned, but is shrunk by the god of intrigue, MC has gone to Taiwan to forget, ML realizes that he is in love with MC, MC has returned, misunderstandings occur, ML admits MC, and they live happily until the end of their days. w.a.n.g Guangning got back in silence and remembered that the common trip was also one of the tasks of the > list. Their exams were also completed by chance in the coming days, which acquiesced to Guangning w.a.n.g. “It won`t work, I`m the gong.” Zhang Lingyi raised his head again and swollen his chest, and then just said, “Shou shou, you can`t threaten me by saying that you won`t be gay with me anymore!” The words that w.a.n.g Guangning was about to say were strangled in his throat. After carefully thinking about it, w.a.n.g Guangning remembered that he had actually threatened Zhang Lingyi several times. When someone who had lost the coin throw and had never experienced the advantage of being a gong, W.a.n.g Guangning thought he was really wrong. He reluctantly said, “Good.” Some stories I recommend are: Beloved Marriage in High Society (宠婚豪门) This is the story of a handsome young man who, upon his return from death, wants to become a degenerate, but is rejected in various ways by her right-right husband. Still in translation, but very soft and fluffy, a good read. Agreement to be gay for 30 days (协议搅基30天) 2 popular men rejected by the same women decide to take revenge by becoming gay. They made a deal to be gay for thirty days and even mostly downloaded the list from the Internet and prepared themselves that way. Read more “You agreed to be gay for thirty days, and you even downloaded the list from the Internet, preparing you to follow these standards to become a real gay couple.