Define Collective Agreement

The provisions of collective agreements most often concern working time. These issues are, for example, systems for compensating for shiftwork, remuneration for shiftwork and weekly days off. In Sweden, around 90% of employees are covered by collective agreements and 83% in the private sector (2017). [5] [6] Collective agreements generally contain minimum wage provisions. Sweden has no legislation on minimum wages or laws to extend collective agreements to disorganized employers. Unorganized employers can sign replacement agreements directly with unions, but many are not. The Swedish model of self-regulation applies only to companies and workers covered by collective agreements. [7] British law reflects the historical contradictory nature of British industrial relations. In addition, workers are concerned that if their union is prosecuted for violating a collective agreement, the union could go bankrupt, allowing workers to remain in collective bargaining without representation. This unfortunate situation could change slowly, partly under the influence of the EU.

Japanese and Chinese companies that have British factories (especially in the automotive industry) are trying to pass on the company`s ethics to their workers. [Clarification needed] This approach has been adopted by local UK companies such as Tesco. Horizontal and vertical collective agreements The Labour Relations Act distinguishes between horizontal collective agreements, i.e. occupational agreements, which cover a group of workers identified in relation to a particular occupation or occupation (e.g. B an agreement for pilots) and vertical collective agreements, i.e. vertical collective agreements, i.e. sectoral agreements governing workers` employment and employment relations, identified in respect of all workers employed in a given sector (e.g. Β an agreement for the textile industry or the banking sector). Article 12 of the Act gives priority to vertical agreements and provides that they will enter into force after their publication and terminate horizontal agreements even if their minimum legal duration is not yet respected. . .