Travel Service Agreement With Client

All third parties participating in this Agreement shall be assigned and maintained by the Company. In general, a travel agency contract covers important issues, for example. B the services included in your package, payment obligations, cancellation fees and the limitation of your liability for anything that could go wrong during the trip. When you have a travel agency business, there are industry-specific risks, so it`s important to have a strong contract with your customers. In order to protect the personal data of your employees, we maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures, as indicated in the addition to the data processing of the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), available under The parties agree that the conditions for adding fcTG to the data processing will be included by reference in this Agreement and will form part of this Agreement, as set out above. The company offers travel-related services and accommodations, including the following: Please tell us about the special requirements you have for your travel arrangements, such as for example. B special meals and seat wishes, room type or access. Please understand that travel service providers may not be able to respond to every request. The travel agency should keep in good condition all materials and objects contained in this travel agency contract. If you don`t make it clear that these obligations fall on the customer and something goes wrong, the customer can try to shift the responsibility to your business.

This could be a costly mistake! Typically, a travel agency contract states that the customer is responsible for any additional costs that the travel agency may incur when the customer requests changes to reservations, including changes in name, data, or destinations. If you need information about visas, passports and other travel documents required for your trip, please contact us. We can provide you with general information about visas and passports applicable to international travel bookings you make with us. We may also obtain more specific information from an external visa advice provider on your behalf (if you wish, we can obtain visas for you through this external service and fees are ongoing). We do not guarantee the accuracy of visa and passport information provided by external services and we assume no responsibility for any loss or damage you suffer with confidence (except to the extent that has been caused by fault on our part). The services provided under this Agreement (including booking services and any ancillary services such as access to the booking platform, payment processing, tracking and reporting of travellers) shall be considered as instructions regarding the processing of personal data. You can give us instructions by phone, email or via one of our booking platforms. You should make sure that you are aware of all the health requirements and recommended precautions that are relevant to your trip and make sure you have all the necessary vaccination documents. In some cases, the absence of the necessary vaccination documents (for example. B proof of yellow fever vaccination) may deny you entry to a country or invalidate your travel insurance coverage. We advise you to contact your on-site doctor, your travel doctor or a specialized vaccination clinic before entering the trip.

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