The Bogals

The Bogals

By Jacob Rayment

Not much was known about the mysterious Bogals, in fact, most people didn’t even believe they were real. But they were real, as real as you or I, as real as the eviction notice I received last week, as real as my ex-girlfriend, Amelia Dunfonal, who stole all my money, lost me my job and left me on the street… bitch.

In fact it was because of this sudden homelessness that I stumbled upon the Bogals.

I lived in Havenswitch. A small town next to a medium-sized forest that had become known as the Bogal Forest. Rumour had it that the Bogal Forest was home to a colony of Bogals; small, intelligent creatures that snuck into town during the night and snatched livestock from the town’s farms. No one took these rumours seriously until about a decade ago when a young woman, Angelica Norrison, mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. People all around town began to wonder if the mythical Bogals were real and had taken Angelica to make a statement, or perhaps to eat her, or maybe even just to make her their slave. Ever since then, every house in town would be carefully locked up each night and the streets would stay empty until morning. But as time went on people forgot about the Bogals, they kept their houses locked due to the steady rate of disappearing livestock, but the legendary Bogals were forgotten.

Bogals weren’t real, of course, they were just a legend, a story made up to explain the disappearing livestock without admitting any threat about dangerous animals.

It was my first night of being homeless that I first discovered the Bogals, or rather, was discovered by them. Three of them. They were about six inches tall and looked exactly as you’d imagine a Bogal would look.

They all looked me directly in the eye, which was a stretch for them as they had to look almost straight up. The one in the front of the group spoke in the sort of voice one might imagine a Bogal would have, “Out on the streets? We haven’t seen anyone on the streets this late in over a decade.”

I was somewhat intimidated by these strange creatures, but I knew that if push came to shove I was the bigger, stronger one. Even against three of them. “Girlfriend troubles.”

The front Bogal chuckled just like you’d expect a Bogal would chuckle, “That is most unfortunate. What is even more unfortunate is that we had not come prepared for a human encounter, but alas, we will be back for you tomorrow night. You had better say your farewells to anyone that may miss you.”

Did they honestly think that they, three tiny little Bogals, could take me down? “That was quite stupid of you to let me in on your plans, I’ll be prepared for you tomorrow night, swarms of people will be waiting to capture you.”

The Bogal in the front grinned in a manner one would expect of a Bogal, “No one will believe you. And if they do, that is all the more for us.”

That was it, they were gone. I went to sleep that night feeling good about my plan to let everyone know that I had encountered the Bogals.

As it turns out the Bogals were correct in their predictions. No one believed me. Everyone assumed I was fishing for attention or trying to trick them into staying out at night so I could rob them. One person even thought I was planning an elaborate scheme to steal his face and make a mask of it so as I could parade around town as him and use his ‘reputability’ to preach false messages to the people of Havenswitch… and I was the crazy one.

That night came and, though I had not convinced anyone the Bogals existed, I was confident that I was big enough and strong enough to defend myself from such small creatures.

The same three Bogals returned that night (I assumed they were the same three, I didn’t have any other Bogals to compare them to, for all I knew all Bogals could look like those three).

The front Bogal stepped forward, he had a long piece of rope in his hand, “We are the same three Bogals from last night.” Well that cleared that up, they were definitely the same Bogals … unless they were lying.

I had expected them to at least bring a slightly larger army, give me some sort of challenge.

When I opened my eyes I was tied up and being carried by these three small Bogals into the forest. What had just happened? I honestly didn’t remember being knocked out or tied up or being lifted into the air, albeit only six inches, by these Bogals.

When we reached their village in the heart of the forest I was astounded. Their village was beautiful, it was exactly how you would envision a Bogal village. There were hundreds of little Bogals around the place. How had no one ever discovered them?

The Bogals that were carrying me placed me into what felt like a stone pizza oven.

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked.

“Yes,” said the only Bogal that had spoken previously.

“Are you going to eat me?” I asked.

“Yes,” said that same Bogal, “if it is any consolation, we anticipate you will make a fine meal.”

Strangely, it was somewhat consoling.

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